Tuesday 30 August 2016

Black berries

Our annual search for black berries used to be very easy. Just down the road on Primrose Street, or St Luke's school playground,  things have changed. The builders cut down all the black berries as did the groundsman at the school and On his way to work at Coton Primary School, Thomas used to see the progress of the black berries near the motor way bridge and then tell me when it would be time to pack up and get ready for some serious picking.  This year, all changed as he stopped his job there and I had no guide on when to pick. When I came today, I picked about 2kg and turned it into delicious cordial.
Still much more to come, so expect to be back in a week's time. I was told that Histon Road recreation ground had some good berries too. Have not got time this week but will try next week.

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