Monday 28 September 2015

Apples, apples, sweet eaters on Midsummer Common

Yesterday on a lovely sunny September Sunday we had a walk along the river and came across this amazing apple tree. The house in which garden it stood was empty and apples were all over the floor.
As today is again a warm sunny autumn day, I decided to have a walk there with some plastic bags and apple picker to see what they were like.

I gave many away to passers by and the verdict was: 10 out of 10 for taste. Delicious, juicy eaters.
One of the passers by was Magic, he loved the apples too and as he was on his way to have a shower at Winter Comfort, he was happy to take a carrier bag of apples with him to hand out to others.

I spoke with the manager of Fort St George who told me that the house is not in permanent use and all the apples would go to waste. At least this year some of them ended up into grateful mouths!

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