Thursday 22 July 2021

Sunflowers - what a welcome to the allotments

Every year Ruth grows a patch of Sunflowers. Her plot is the first immediately onto a busy road. Apart from it always looking very cheerful, a great way to shield the other beds of fruit and vegetables from the traffic.

They are there every year as they self seed. Very tightly together, giving a spectacular view.

Ruth gave me some seedling years ago and still now they are dotted around my allotment.

They look very summery and welcoming but also have many edible and medicinal uses.

I think next year, I will do what Ruth has done and sow a bed full of Sunflowers so I can use the petals (as you need loads of them.

The leaves have medicinal benefits too. Now I have read about these leaves I am drying them in todays hot sunshine. They will be useful for the winter months as they seem so good to help with coughs and lung   inflamations. 

As my artichokes are now past their best, I use sunflower buds instead

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