Friday 23 July 2021

From Spade to Plate: 26 July : Lavender Wands, Cordial and more

This post was published on 7th July 2017

Today 26th July 2021 Asami came and together we made some lavender wands like we did nearly 4 years ago to the day.  We also made some cordial and with the blue berries from the garden some lovely pancakes.

The scent of lavender is in the air, bees are loving it, but so can we.
This session we used lavender as our theme.

It was lovely to see Simone, Sam, June, Servane, Terry, Camila, Luciana with her son Theo , Kiyomi , Silvia, and Glo, we walked to the allotments picked the lavender, rosemary, chard and courgettes before we headed home to turn this abundance into tasty treats.

We made some lavender wands - a natural moth repelant, sleep enhancer, or natural car freshner.
We came to the conclusion that 7 or 9 sprigs were the best amount and that the thinner ribbon is easier to work with. Thank you Glo for giving us such lovely ribbons.

Last week we met AnneMarie, who sadly could not come this week but shared her Lavender idea. She told me that her family regularly make a refreshing  lavender lemonade drink, so inspired by her recommendation, I went on the web to get a recipe. I think it was lovely, especially when it was a warm and muggy outside as it was.

I made some lavender sugar for future use using a food processor

June was in charge of the Lavender Biscuits by Mary Berry, (thank goodness she had her beady eye on them as they turned golden quicker than anticipated) they were very nice but feel a few more flowers could have gone into the mixture to give a little more lavender flavour.

For lunch we had our Courgette Soup with Chard bruschetta for a light lunch, some of us had the chilled version (I made yesterday) and the other half had the hot version.  The addition of the parmasan cheese was delicious, 

In the end many of the members went on their way, lavender wand in one hand and a courgette in the other.  

A lovely way to start the week. I have been blessed with such lovely new friends.

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