Tuesday 20 July 2021

Lavender biscuits and lemonade

This post was originally published 25/7/2018

Lavender lemonade

Lucy and Lindsey cut a hand full of lavender to go into the lemonade. We then crushed it with a pestle and mortar. What a delicious scent this created. The lemonade will no doubt be amazing too.
(and it was).

In the mean time, Terry juiced the lemons and limes and added this to the pot with 1cup of sugar and 2 cups of water. We simmered it for a few minutes and let it sit until cool.
We then sifted it and were amazed by the lovely pink colour.  It was a delicious syrup, mixed with some sparkling water and ice. MMM!


Lavender biscuits

We made these in one large batch. One to have today (and they went down so fast we could not take a picture) and the other we made and put in a mini juice tetra pack in the freezer to have in the coming days when guests come. The rice flour in this recipe was fantastic. Well worth going to the shop for

Lavender sugar  to make Lavender Posset

As a main meal

We made courgetti spaghetti with spinach and blue cheese
The Spinach and blue cheese sauce came from the Riverford website.

The healthiest way to cook courgetti, because no fat is involved. Simply put the courgette noodles into a sieve and pour over a kettle of boiling water. This takes the rawness out the noodles without breaking them down too much. Strain well before adding the sauce.

And as a side salad we made this tasty and refreshing  Courgette ribbon salad 
Although the colours in today's meal were a little boring, everything was yellow, green and white,  the taste and ease of this meal was wonderful.

Thanks to Elaine, Terry, Lindsey, Melendra and Lucy for all the work, the end result was a lovely lunch with friends. Welcome to Elaine and Lindsey and Goodbye and till next year to Terry.
Your forget-me-not card and tea towel were such a gorgeous surprise. I will treasure it and think of you when drying the dishes

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