Monday 11 November 2019

The frost got the Butternut squash, so we need to eat it soon.

For the last few weeks the large pots in the garden was filled with a combination of butternut squashes Uchiki Kuri pumpkins, and a variety of ornamental gourds. It looked so colourful and cheerful. And then, the frost arrived. I totally forgot to take them inside so lost most of them.
I rescued the lovely deep orange Uchiki Kuri pumpkins, composted all but the butternut squash.
With only a small patch affected, I decided to turn it into a Thai Butternut squash soup.

We made some faken bacon which went down very well.

We made some oven roasted Spicy Brussels Sprouts with Thai Peanut butter sauce.
First we made the peanut butter, and then added the lime, chili flakes, sesame oil, soya sauce, coconut milk, garlic and ginger. We all agreed it was a winner of a sauce.

After a damp and chilli start of the session, the sun came out, so we took this opportunity to have a walk in the garden. Rurie spotted the last handful of apples on the stepover trees. We all had a mouthful each (very small apples) but they were sweet and juicy. Next year I will thin them out more so we get a few more mouthfuls each!.

As the brussels sprouts and the cranberries reminded June of Christmas, we talked about Christmas traditions and in my case Sinterklaas, how we celebrate it and what food we eat.
We enjoyed our meal very much and look forward to the next meal together.

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