Sunday 6 October 2019

Chickpea, tomato and peanut stew with cooked pear in orange and cherry sauce

This week with the Victoria Homes group we made raspberry mousse using aquafaba (chickpea water) With the left over chickpeas and the tomatoes from the allotment, I found this recipe it is a West African inspired stew.
beautifully diced onions and red pepper by Sayaka and Hwiwoun

The stew with a freshly steamed broccoli and nasturtium flowers

The Peanut butter we make from scratch as that way we are sure that there is no palm oil incorporated.
It is simple and quick to make so why not?

We picked the broccoli out of the allotment to have with the rice and stew.

As a desert we made some stewed pear.

Lu, Carmen and Cortney stuffing the flowers with cream cheese

In the end we started the meal 1/2 earlier than normal as it was so quickly to make. The end result was a tasty and satisfying meal perfect for a wet and autumnal day.

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