Monday 8 July 2019

Rhubarb cordial, Tummeric and Pea soup. Broad Bean Orzotto, green salad

With still a bag of rhubarb in the freezer and it is time to start making space for produce from the garden, we made some Rhubarb cordial, with orange, lemon and ginger together with some fizzy water a delightful summer drink.

We went to the allotment to pick the heritage broad beans, the purple flowers were lovely in spring, but the leaves now have become spotted with rust. it did not damage the beans though so the Broad Bean Orzotto became a lovely treat.  We had this with the green salad which we decorated with flower petals (calendula yellow and orange, corn flower, and borage) some chopped walnuts and feta cheese.

The last group picked all the peas, enough to put some in the freezer, so we managed to use them for the Tummeric and Pea soup.

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