Tuesday 2 July 2019

Lavender cordial, pea risotto and a strawberry icecream.

One of our members, Annie, contacted me if we could do a special special for her friends who came over for a couple of weeks from China.  We had a lovely time.

First we picked lavender to turn into lavender cordial to have as a drink with our lunch.
Then we harvested all the peas from the back garden and then planted some french beans.

Planting french beans
The peas were picked for the pea and broadbean  risotto  which went really well with the green salad (with a hand ful of strawberries). For afters we made the vegan strawberry and banana ice cream..

Bob my neighbour is on holiday and he contacted me to  pick the sweet peas so they would keep on flowering. What a better occasion to do this today. We all picked a bunch,  the girls gave one away to Betty and the others to some complete strangers on their way to the punts.

Look at what we have harvested!
Annie with her friends in the allotment
Karina with her new friends
Annie, Liang Lele, Wu Juan, Zhang Yu, Ma Fang

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