Monday 8 July 2019

Chick peas to use up

As this weekend I made some lemon mousse made with aquafaba, I had rather a lot of chick peas to use up.

I therefore decided to make beetroot hummus (I added a beetroot and some feta cheese to this recipe)
I also felt that 1 cup of chick peas was not enough, I virtually doubled it not needing to adjust the spices or anything else.

We had these with the Falafel which Hiroe fried beautifully. We all agreed these were the best we have ever had.

Then we decided to make the pita bread, we all felt this recipe was the best we have ever made, and according to Simone, Much, much better than from the shops.

We went to the allotment where we harvested lettuces to go with this feast, some sunflower buds to have as an alternative to artichockes.  I harvested one this morning, but it took nearly 1 hour to cook and as I was told that the sunflower buds only take 3 minutes to cook and taste similar to artichokes, we had to give it a try. For nearly every one having a artichoke was the first time and both June and Simone, were making sure not one leaf was left untouched!  The sunflower buds were messy to prepare but very quick to cook (3 minutes). they did taste a bit like artichokes but maybe with a hint of little bitterness.  We had them with a vinegrette sauce. Good we tried and good to know that the whole floers is edible.

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