Tuesday 8 June 2021

Garlic braiding

We had had such a lovely time a few years ago. This year the harvest is great but need to do this by myself.

Here is some interesting information about how to make a natural pesticide

This year's garlic looks good and hope it stores well for all the lovely recipes that we have in store for the year ahead.  We harvested the bulbs a couple of weeks ago, dried them off a little and today we decided to braid it.

Voila, the braided garlic

We harvested the red onions as they bolted, very disappointing, but we turned it into delicious red onion marmalade.

harvesting red onions

preparing onions for the marmalade

We went to the allotment to have a look around and pick some strawberries and flowers

A meeting in the allotment

Samantha, Terry's niece is joining us from Glasgow and is showing of the salad

Card made by Terry

This was first posted on 6/6/2018
then 8/6/2021

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