Monday 7 June 2021

What a lovely way to spend a bank holiday morning

Our first outing of the newly founded group: From Spade to Plate was a wonderful one.
As it was a bank holiday we had some families come and the children seem to enjoy it as much as the grown ups did.

Yesterday I picked one batch of elderflowers (from the Riverside) and added the lemons and juice in order to have a starter to finish off today.

11am sharp the friends arrived. armed with baskets and scissors, one group went to Alexandra park to pick the flowers, whilst June and 3 teenage girls made the scones.

When we came back, it became a hive of activity. The flowers were rinsed (there was a little black fly) lemons finely cut so tomorrow I can make a batch of Elderflower marmalade to have with the scones.

We bottled the juice, labelled it and went on our way bottles in hand.

This blog was first published 29/5/2017

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