Friday 22 December 2017

Vegan Mayonnaise -because I ran out of eggs

Today I am planning a big cooking day to get ready for the festive season, so that I don't need to cook all the time and can enjoy time with the family.

I had some puff pastry left from the Camenbert snowflake making, so decided to use it up to make a Mediterranean puff pastry treat, unfortunately it needed mayonnaise and as I don't use that very often forgot to buy it.  Then I noticed that the eggs I had bought yesterday are all needed for other recipes so  to call on my Vegan Mayonnaise recipe. It is fantastic, just don't make the mistake to drizzle in the oil. put all the ingredients in at once and you will find that within 3 seconds the mayo is made.
My own Christmas miracle without an egg in sight.

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