Sunday 10 December 2017

Monday 11th December: From spade to plate: bread share, broccoli soup

We started with the making of the bread balls (that were made the day before to speed up time)
once this was done, we then started making another lot of bread dough, that I will use tomorrow for another breadpiece, in the shape of a wreath.

Last week we used a lot of broccoli to make our raw vegetable christmas tree. Although we ate most of the vegetables, there was a lot of broccoli left. Rather than eating 3 broccoli heads myself, I decided to blanch them and then freeze for a day like today.

The broccoli is used to make this Broccoli and Blue cheese soup.

As a desert we made Monique's apple crumblies.  The apples were picked in Autumn and are now coming out of storage. We switched the sugar and raisins for the same quantity of mincemeat and a grating of orange to give it a Christmas feel.

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