Friday 4 September 2015

Fruit, fruit glorious fruit

Armed with my trusty fruit picker and wheel barrow, I went on a local adventure

First I followed up on a call from my neighbour, Silvia, who saw some laden apple trees near the Indian Restaurant on Victoria Road.  After having spoken with the tenant, I managed to clear up all the rotten apples that were already on the ground and within 1/2 hour had a wheel barrow full of cooking and eating apples. They shone like jewels, so attracted lots of attention so a great way to hand out to passers by.

As we will be pressing these apples tomorrow with the new comers and visiting scholars, I dropped them off in the garden straight away.

On my way I noticed figs on the floor, when I looked up saw a dozen lovely ripe ones waiting to be picked. With my picker they were swiftly removed, one eaten straight away and the rest are to give away and maybe have some for breakfast.

From the back of the carpark across the road from us, I noticed a tree with beautiful red apples. I knocked on their door and Lida opened up and introduced me to her husband Graham.
It so happened that they too are going to press their apples tomorrow. As they only have eaters and I only have cookers I have suggested a swap to get a better acidity ratio.
We agreed to stay in touch as Vincent the man with the apple juicing knowledge will get back to me to arrange the best way to go about it. As I have picked all my apples for now and I don't need my picker, it will come to good use for them tomorrow.

All this in one hour! Meeting interesting and kind people, eating healthy fruit and looking forward to another lovely day tomorrow.

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