Wednesday 9 September 2020

A sea of Sunflowers

 The weather was beautiful so a walk in the allotment was a joy. We were welcomed by a mass of sunflowers. Most of them self set  from seeds dropped in previous years.

Carmen, Keiko, Emi and Hiroe started with picking raspberries as a treat to take home. We picked both red and yellow ones. The we picked masses of spinach beet for our Vegan Spinach and Ginger soup.


Before we went to the allotment, we made the dough for wraps, as it needed to rest for 15 mins.

After picking sunflowers we walked home, prepared the  freshly harvested filling for the wraps (our first orange sweet peppers, carrots, cucumber tomatoes) and made our wraps 


Together with soup a gorgeous lunch and the ladies went home with a big bunch of sunflowers each.

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