Wednesday 18 July 2018

Meeting up with 'old friends' - From spade to plate is bringing us together

This from spade to plate was a lovely surprise, we welcomed back Estelle and her daughters who left Cambridge 2 years ago and have come back for a short holiday.

With my nieces Emma and Michaela visiting us this week, it was a great way to get a young group together.

Lucy too, used to come regularly with baby Theo, but he is now in nursery and she is  normally working. However, she had the day off and took this opportunity to join us again.

We went to the allotment to pick some black currants for the banana and black currant ice cream.

We also picked some coriander for the Pad Thai that we picked to have as a topping and a courgette for the courgette noodles.

We made some simple vegetable soup (onion, ginger, broccoli stems, left over carrots, celery, leek, and bits of courgettes that were left over from the spiralizer) all in a stock for about 20 mins et voilà a delicious soup. Especially lovely with the little bread rolls we made to go with it.
 (350 gr strong white flour, 350 gr  strong wholemeal flour) 7 gr yeast, 12 gr salt, water) Michaela and Emma did the kneading and the first proofing as we needed enough time to bake it whilst we were making the other dishes,  but due to the hot weather, it rose well and the breadrolls were made by Agate, Eglantine, Estelle, Emma, Michaela and Lucy. They came out perfect.

The large marrow was turned into 'noodles' with the spiralizer.

Some of the noodles' were so long, We could hardly eat it without cutting.

The soup, breadrolls,  Vegan Pad Thai  with vegan fish sauce were a lovely lunch.
To finish it with some freshly picked black currant and banana ice cream with a table full of friends. What more do you want on a Wednesday lunch time?

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