Wednesday 15 July 2020

Apple cider and blackberry balsamic vinegar

This post was first posted on 11/9/2017

Today I found a bucket full of windfall apples so decided to turn them into  apple cider vinegar.
Gillie's blackberries were already ripe and felt like turning them into blackberry balsamic vinegar


In September 2017 our From Spade to Plate group harvested apples for eating, storing, pressing and turning into vinegar.

Autumn is here, fresh mornings but when the sun breaks through it is glorious.

We started off  by sorting the apples. The best ones were used for storing and eating, the slightly blemished ones were turned into vinegar and used for  pressing the pears and apples to make some lovely juice. Then the rain came and we went inside to make the main meal.

The summer vegetables are starting to show signs of wanting to be harvested. I have decided to harvest the french beans Faraday  ( that we sowed on 19th June)  they were lovely and tender.

 and harvest the new potatoes (put the sprouting charlotte potatoes from Aldi in the ground in June after I had eaten the lettuces) to make space for the winter onions and garlic (later next month).

Served with a tomato, mozarella and basil salad.

This went down very well.

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