Friday 7 November 2014

Now I remember again how I got inspired to grow

Yesterday I met 4 new ladies from Chesterton, they all loved gardening, they mentioned that their attempts to get people involved in a open front garden event had been an uphill 'struggle'.

When I mentioned Incredible Edible and the wonderful conference I went to last week, they told me they had not heard of Incredible Edible before. So on my return, I searched for the Ted Talk presented by Pam Warhurst in 2012. When watching it after so many years, I got inspired again. Gosh, isn't Pam's enthusiasm infectious?

I hope The Chesterton ladies, will get inspiration from this talk, just as I did so many years ago

Have a look at the talk, enjoy and turn that little p(l)ot in front of you house into something edible!

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