Sunday 23 November 2014

Carrie's Medlar

When harvested walnuts and quinces a few months ago I noticed an amazing Medlar tree.
It brought back memories and brought me back to the time I was a little girl and used to spent time with the gardeners. I noticed at the back of the greenhouse a tree with strange fruit. Jos, the headgardener told me it was a Medlar and that it needed to 'rot' before you could eat it.  From the last lawn cuttings he made me a pile, we picked the medlars and pushed them deep into the grass. He said the warmth of the grass would 'ripen' the fruit. I had to be patient, (still not one of my strongest points) but waited until the fruit was soft. I remember the excitement when I tried this mysterious fruit more than the taste to be honest.

So seeing the fruit again, wondered if there were some better recipes and Jamie came to rescue.
The blossom in spring is amazing, the leaves big and stunning and the fruit beautiful, even if it is a acquired taste.

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