Wednesday 6 July 2022

pickled grape vines


pickled Grape Leaves

We leave ten grape leaves on top of the grape clusters on the vines to provide protection against sunburn and then remove the side shoots. These are the most tender leaves, not as big but delicious. We pickle them in twenty four packs. Twelve stuffed grape leaves make a meal for one.

Origin: Greece

 Soak 1 hour, ferment 3 days, store one year


 2 people, 12 leaves per person

  1. 2 wide mouth canning jars, pint size
  1. 2 packs 24 grape leaves
  2. 2 pints boiled cooled water
  3. 2 Tbs canning salt
  4. 8 Tbs soy bean whey, or cheese wey, or 2 Tbs extra salt
  1. Cost
  2. Grape leaves are free


  1. Pick leaves after the sun sets. Wash, rinse, soak fresh leaves, one hour.
  2. Boil water, rinse jars, cool while leaves are soaking. Add salt, whey, to boiled water. Wrap 24 leaves in bundle, stuff in wide mouth jar. Immerse leaves. Store upside down. Let ferment three days in dark closet. Let pressure escape daily, then close, store cool, good for a year.

California Farm pickled Grape Leaves recipe step 2 photo



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