Tuesday 30 June 2020

3 toppers for the new book

This post was first made on 27/11/2019

As today I had some left over mushrooms and newly harvested onions, I looked back with great joy and remembered the time we made stuffed mushrooms with Alice, Carmen, Li, Erika, Irine, and Sima. I have not seen them for such a long time. I hope they are well.

As I am hoping to get the 3rd cookery book published in the next couple of weeks, I wanted to put in 3 recipes that we had done before, tasted delicious and fancied eating them again.

A bit of a strange combination but a hit nonetheless.
We first made the chickpea chocolate brownies, a gluten free recipe which went down very well. Sema our newest member who claims that she cannot cook, treated us to some gorgeous brownies. We added a cherry from the cherry jam we made last year, and a dollop of greek yoghurt. 

We also made a cheese roll wreath, 

a wonderful recipe, easy to do and great for parties when people can just help themselves to a roll (or two) We use the Lazy dough recipe and then added a block of cheese and the parmesan and italian herbs in oil to spread on top     

Our main meal was the stuffed mushrooms, if only we could have had more of them.

Carmen suggested that instead of an empty ramekin in the middle of the bread wreath, we could have put in the stuffing we used for the mushroom; colourful and extremely tasty.

Will no doubt make these recipes more often, but for now they will end up in the recipe book.

Friday 26 June 2020

Use what is in the freezer

first posted 17/6/2019

What a difference a year makes!

The weather has been terribly wet which made me harvest all the strawberries that were ready to harvest, normally I might have left them for a few more day in the sunshine to sweeten them but I did not want to risk rot, slug damage and watery flavour, so today we picked all in order to eat in the strawberry and banana ice cream as well as to freeze for later use.

The onions, garlic and spinach beet that were frozen in the last few weeks, were turned into a delicious spinach and potato curry.


The potatoes were harvested from the back garden and the area resown with french beans, Faraday, and beetroot boltardy for a late harvest in September.
The bed sit has peas in them, so we all had a little pod to enjoy as a treat. Like June said, this is what she used to do as a small girl when visiting her grandmother.


The flat bread we enriched with calendula and cornflower blossom. It did not give a special taste, but it was a joy for the eye.

We also went out to cut some of the lavender to be turned into lavender cordial. A real delight.


Terry, Sayaka, Ai, Yasmin, Hiroe, Asako and June enjoying their lunch

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Sushi and strawberies

East meets West in yesterday's from Spade to Plate.
We turned a large bowl of freshly picked strawberries into Strawberry Jam, Cordial and a dessert whilst all this was bubbling and cooling we made a vegan alternative to smoked salmon (to go in our sushi) and had a sushi making session, especially whilst we had so many experts on hand. Thank you to Ai, Asako, Sayaka and Hiroe for giving some authentic hints and tips.

 We had to say goodbye to Yasmin who is returning to her home country. The first of many to come.....For now though we enjoy eachother's company and keep on harvesting and cooking.

This was first posted on 24/6/2019

Cherry Jam and stuffed Mushrooms

This was first posted 10/7/2018

Today we made a vegetarian gluten free  stuffed mushroom recipe with the mushrooms and rice and the french beans.

We went to pick the last of the cherries and turned them into jam. A bit of a messy job but the harvesters got stuck in and together managed to make enough for 7 jars.


As we had quite a few blueberries we made some blue berry muffins with a twist (in a jar)
We greased the 'bon maman' jars and sprinkled them with flour and cinnamon. Then filled them half full (don't fill higher) put them in the oven 180 C and when done, remove from oven and put the lid on it. That way when it cools down, it will pull it vacuum and you can keep it out of the fridge for weeks.