Friday 12 September 2014

How to keep the children entertained with apples

After a great hour picking apples in St Edmund's College, I dropped a carrier bag off at my son who has just started his first week as a primary school teacher. When they were little they always got involved in apple pressing, baking and craft activities, a tradition my children still love even now they are in their twenties.

So this day, I not only gave him the apples but also the apple peeler that for years had entertained loads of small children (and their parents for that matter)

Is lesson was a great success. . A Miracle has occurred, They now ALL love apples.
It shows that investing in a few lovely tools makes the whole harvesting experience magical.

Monday 1 September 2014

Pears in Pemberton Place

When I met Kate some months ago I was also introduced to Debbie her neighbour.
They have comice and conference pears as well as a fantastic Cooking apple.

After the call from Kate, I went to see her armed with pickers and baskets to help her elderly neighbour with the harvest. Fruit was distributed to the local church, the owners children and some for me.
I picked many of the and turned them into some delicious apple juice.

Pears were stored for a week and were juicy treats in the following few weeks.

Tip from the Postman

The other day, there was a knock on the door from the Postman, he told me he enjoyed the apples that I have been leaving out on the Abundance table. He wondered if they were the apples from East Hereford street? I was not aware there was a tree that was not being picked, so the next day I had a reccy.
There it was beautiful eaters and a quince.

Not quite ready yet, we have to be patient