Saturday 22 December 2018

Our first book is now published and online!

For many hours in the last few weeks, I have been busy with cooking and making up a cooking book as a memento for the Visiting scholars who joined me in the previous year. It is called From Spade to Plate, bringing the world together around a kitchen table.
It has been frustrating at times but learned a lot in the meantime and am now excited to see the end result.

The Apple template was beautiful and to use, that does mean however that I can only publish it on Apple devices. So my apologies to those who are not able to access the information online.
Good news though is that all the recipes in the books (and pictures for that matter) are on this blog somewhere.

For those people who can pick up the hard copy up from me in Cambridge, they will be greeted with a  beautiful book printed by Minuteman Press on Victoria Road. Dario has been brilliant.

The first batch of 30 that was printed, was distributed within no time as Christmas is looming. Over the last couple of weeks, I had feedback to correct any errors we spotted so hopefully the online book is now without mistakes: fingers crossed.

I can now have a little pause before setting up the 2nd book with Spring and Summer experiences.

If you can, have a look online, go to the iBooks Store and in the search box type Karina Wells and the book should be popping up for you to download.  Enjoy!

Monday 10 December 2018

What is in the fridge?

Before going on holiday we had our last From Spade to Plate of the year. We looked what was in the fridge and decided to use the mushrooms, leeks, soft cheese, and blue cheese to make ravioli and the

leftover salsa (from Friday's games evening's dips) to add to the tomato sauce that we made as a topping for the ravioli.

As a dessert, we made a puff pastry chocolate snowflake. It was easy to make and very tasty too.

We are looking forward to picking up the cooking book that should be ready at the printers and next Monday we shall have a book launch with the group. So watch this space.