Tuesday 9 June 2015

Elderflower cordial making with New Comers and visiting scholars

Last week on my way to the New Comers and Visiting scholars Tuesday meeting I noticed that along the river Cam on Chesterton Road, was a fantastic Elder in flower. Plenty to pick and make Elderflower Cordial with.  Later that afternoon my son Michael and I made our first batch of pure delight. This is our annual ritual to welcome summer. I hope it will be a good one.

This is the starting sign for many more foraging trips in the weeks ahead.

Rather than making this delicious drink all by myself, I thought it might be nice to invite some of the visiting scholars  partners to come and join in so we arranged  to meet this afternoon and pick the flowers, make the juice and consume some together.

In the end, we picked the flowers from St Luke's church yard and did the 'workshop' in my house.
We had visitors from Germany, Japan, China, America, Iran, India and Korea and all went home with their own little bottle.

With the left over lemon I made elderflower and lemon marmalade and ate it on a lovely warm scone.

We had a great hour together.