Monday 29 March 2021

Vegan Teriyaki Noodles

 Today was a little intimidating with Manami tuning in. She makes

at home, but rather kneading them by hand, she says she puts the dough in a plastic bag and then kneads is with her feet by walking over the bag for 15 minutes approx.   It is a good alternative work out either way. 150-200 times kneading by hand or a 15 minutes walk!

Anyway the Noodles came out really well and will make it again no doubt

The Vegan Teriyaki recipes  was a basic recipe,  in future I will look for more ingredients to go with these noodles

Monday 15 March 2021

Cannelloni with pear and blue cheese salad

The allotment has lots of spinach and broccoli at the moment, so wanted to make something 'new' with it.

When I found  Cannelloni stuffed spinach almonds  (recipe from Cordon vert by Colin Spencer’s) Page 43  I thought it would be a nice change.

I also had a pear left in the fridge, so a quick, tasty Pear blue cheese and walnut salad was made with the lambs lettuce that is growing really well this year.