Monday 8 January 2018

From spade to plate: 1st in 2018! What to do with my leeks

The leeks this year are not very good, everyone in the allotment has complained about the leek miner fly. I had no leeks in the allotment but had some in one of the raised beds at home.
They have not done very well this year either, so we dug them up and made some vegetarian pasties with them.  We used some of them for a leek and potato soup which we ate with a mini home made 'hovis' bread

Glo mentioned that she felt the cold weather called for some baked apples, As we still had some stored we decided to stuff them with dates, sultanas, cloves, cinnamon and orange juice. They were delicious with a dollop of thick creamy Greek Yoghurt.

Felicia, Glo, Carmen and I had a lovely morning and a tasty warming lunch.

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