Sunday 16 July 2017

From Spade to Plate: 17th July Vegetarian Scotsch Egg

What to do with an excess of beetroot and eggs? Last week I went to the Farmer's market and had a Vegetarian Scotch Egg. It was delicious and went about looking what I had in the garden so I could replicate it. After a couple of trials, I think it would be fit for use at our Monday morning harvesting and cooking sessions.

We harvested the garlic and onions a couple of weeks ago so easy to get hold off. The beetroot is ready for harvesting as well as the parsley and chives. Looks like we have the majority of ingredients so let's see how our foreign visitors enjoy this twist to a classic British picnic ingredient. Scotch eggs.
 I have swapped the carrot for beetroot and added  1 tbsp Za'atar with the herb mixture. Rather than deep fat frying, I placed them on a baking tray and bake in preheated 190 C / Gas mark 5 oven until lightly browned, about 25 minutes.
Lovely with the sweet chilli jam that I made last week
We will also pick the Rocket and turn it into a salad, with  pine nuts and parmesan cheese.


As a desert we will pick the blueberries and make some Blueberry Pancakes I used the Telegraph recipe and we will add handfuls of delicious fresh Blueberries.

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