Thursday 8 September 2016

Apples, Pears and Figs on Canterbury Street

On my search for the last black berries, I went via Histon Road recreation ground. Unfortunately I was too late. None left but ending at the other side of the park found a lovely apple tree at 69 Canterbury street. It is a rented house and the tenant was happy for me to pick the apples. They are difficult to identify,  Pressing them made a lovely fresh juice. No need to mix with other apples.

The pears and figs in the garden are not quite ready yet. Will check next week.

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  1. Any thoughts on the quince tree by storey's way/huntingdon road? A good place for berries is the Niab farm if they have not cut them down or the small orchard attached to Girton's playground. I have my own but only got some good ones as the best ones are when I am away... Maybe you can water my garden next year and pick some!