Thursday 27 August 2015

26th August 2015

I received a call from Kate  saying that the apples are dropping and could we come with a group to pick.
Reggie, Thomas, Mark and I went armed with pickers, boxes and bags and picked to our hearts' content. We stopped when it became dark, but still plenty more to come.
Reggie high up in the tree

For now,  the majority of my batch will go on the Abundance table, and make some of Monique's Apple crumblies to surprise the family. The next lot I harvest from Kate's garden will be used for when I will be picking eaters as the mix of 1/3 cookers and 2/3 eaters makes a delicious apple juice.
The press is still in storage but will be itching soon to come out.

So today on the table we have:

Purple French beans
and delicious cooking apples from Kate's garden

Why not walk by and pick some up for you to enjoy.

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